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I am interested in the search for meaning and the human urge to read in something in everything we see. I look for meanings and patterns in everything I look at. It is a reflex - I am always on the quest for the inhabit sense of what I see.

In my work I want to give that quest for meaning some resistance and expand my realm of images and space. I try to end up in unknown places. The realism and pictorial image are excepted and I strive for what is not obvious for the eye and mind.

In my creative process, I switch between being the Painter or the Finder who uses color and form as a tool, and the Observer. That is my way to push myself towards the unexplored. Suddenly I find something; a balance, an equilibrium, an excitement, a direction or a movement that talks to me and fits into my unseen image world, beyond wordings.

I am happy when the obvious occurs. The image that i feel just works. The image that leaves me with a sense of content. The image that, with colors, shapes, lines, rhythm and light, builds a piece of artwork that, despite its two-dimensional surface, feels like a room to enter and that forms a standalone entity.

The artworks contain traces of emotional memories, kinetic memories and moods.

If time is given, if the viewer takes its time, here is something to be in and to remain in for contemplation.


And I find traces of myself in this new and unknown.




Lisa  M Jirlow

Glen Fender,  2020

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